Big Toe Joint Pain - Common Causes of Toe Pain

When you have foot problems, often that problem and the pain that comes with it is located on your big toe. In fact, for many elderly people, big toe joint pain is something many have to endure at some point in their lives. If that’s something you experience, then the causes can be diverse, and so can the solutions. This is a common issue that many people experience at some point, but usually there’s no need to panic, as there’s always good explanation as to what’s going on. Here’s some information that could help you decide what to do about your big toe joint pain.

One of the most common conclusion people reach when they have big toe joint pain, especially at a certain age, is arthritis. It’s true that this can easily be a warning sign of arthritis, and is one of the main causes of this type of problem. Usually, the symptoms will be pain, along with difficulty moving the toe up and down. If this is the case, and you’re around 50 years old or older, then that’s a good indication. However, not everyone that has this type of pain is afflicted by arthritis. Athletes for example can suffer from swelling and joint paint because of the sports they practice. This can be help with toe painfootball, soccer or rugby players, people who move around a lot, and use their feet to kick balls or navigate a terrain. In this case, the pain usually goes away after a few days, even without treatment. This is the type of injury that is just part of the job when you’re practicing sports.

Gout is another connected disease that can bring big toe joint pain. While it’s not a problem with the joint itself, it’s often a bump located on the side of the big toe, which in turn brings the same type of pain. Typically, this is caused by your diet, and the things you eat. Gout is a problem that should be seen by a doctor or medical professional since it can be indicative of liver or other digestive problems. It may require a change in diet to have it go away. Finally, a dorsal bunion is a bump on top of the joint that can also create similar pain. This type of illness can actually distort the toe and cause pain and swelling. There’s many causes for this, but over time it can harden your joint and make the big toe unable to move. Again, this is something best left to medical professionals to see whether your particular case requires intervention or not. In many cases, it is completely asymptomatic.

As you can see, big toe joint pain can be caused by several issues, each of them being of different severity. Whether you have arthritis, gout or athlete’s foot, each of these issues can in turn cause similar pain, and can be a problem when you’re trying to walk around. Thankfully, there’s usually a ready solution for you once you consult, and can be fixed within a few days or weeks.

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